Anger is a primary emotion but too much of it is not helpful to us. Not only that, anger negatively affects our body. When controlling anger seems like a difficult task and we frequently find ourselves agitated, it is important to learn how to manage our feelings so that it does not affect our relationships and job.

The different forms of anger:

  1. Mild- includes states of displeasure, dislike and irritation.
  2. Moderate- getting frustrated, feeling heated up, using sarcastic comments, etc.
  3. Severe- a state of full blown rage, indulging in destructive activity that can harm self and others (both in physical and mental sense), giving hard comments, state of continuous argument, complete failure to judge situation and object, etc.

Take an Assessment:

Is your temper beginning to concern those close to you? Each question has 1 score.
1. I often have disagreements with my friends and family
2. I sometimes become violent when I’m angry
3. I tend to say things I don’t mean when I’m angry
4. My professional life is getting adversely affected by my temper
5. It angers me when others do not conduct themselves the way they should
6. Others get intimidated by my temper
7. Others fear my temper
8. I get annoyed when other make fun at my expense
9. I find myself engaging in self-destructive behaviour (consuming alcohol/drugs, binge eating, cutting myself, etc.) after a spell of anger
10. I still get upset when I think about negative events that happened in the past
11. I often find myself thinking of ways to “get even” with people who have upset me
12. I usually forget what I do/say in a fit of anger
13. I often get angry when I feel that things aren’t going the way I would want them to
14. I feel physically unwell (body pain, vomiting, diarrhoea) after I get enraged
15. My temper is beginning to concern those close to me

If you have scored between 0 and 5, you anger seems to be under control.
If you have scored between 5 and 10, your anger is approximately average. Understanding anger management methods could help you lead a happier life.

If you have scored between 10 and 15, you are highly inclined to becoming angry. You may benefit from a consultation with a psychologist. As per your need, techniques of Psychotherapy will be provided.