Often compulsion is associated with obsession. Compulsion can be recognised when you repeatedly do the same thing in a typical manner and find it difficult to stop yourself from this practise. You might be washing your hands over and over or checking you phone or wallet again and again because you want to be sure.
Take an assessment.

Have you felt driven to perform certain acts over and over again, such as…

  • Washing or showering excessively or in a specific way?
  • Checking things (such as door locks, switches etc.)?
  • Checking work repeatedly to be sure it has been done correctly?
  • Counting several times just to be sure there is no mistake even during simple tasks?
  • Touching an object repeatedly?

If you answer with yes to most of the above, it may signal a problem behaviour.

Bothobsession & Compulsion

In case of only Obsession, it may not be observable to others but experienced by the person. In case of compulsions, the person might repeat an action too many times which is time consuming and might even seem annoying to others.