We have all had moments of sadness and despair. Most of them last between a few hours to a few days. But when you have been unable to come out of the low mood and it has been really difficult to concentrate on anything, you know you need professional help.
When teenagers frequently become sad, irritated and cry easily, these might be warning signs of childhood depression.They might seem to blame and isolate themselves. They might find it difficult to focus on studies, as a result of which school work and grades suffer.
There might be life problems and conflicts that seem to have no solution and lead them to a vicious cycle of negative thinking. Sadly, the negative thinking leads to more problems than solutions and pushes one deeper into depression.It can be difficult to tell the difference between ups and downs that are just part of being a teenager and teen depression.

Take an Assessment

For 2 weeks or more…

  • Do you feel sad for no apparent reason?
  • Activities that were once enjoyable don’t give you happiness anymore?
  • Do you feel tired often?
  • Do you have an irritable or annoyed mood?
  • Have you often felt that the future is hopeless and bleak?
  • Have you hadthoughts of death or suicide?
  • Have you had frequent complaints of unexplained body aches and headaches, which included frequent visits to the sick room?
  • Has there been poor school performance or frequent absence from school?

Answering yes to most questions may signal distress. You might need to seek counselling or psychotherapy if you have been finding it difficult to deal with the above complaints by yourself.