Depression is a common term which people use to express deep sadness. What also needs a mention here, is that, in Depression, sadness comes with a range of other problems. One might frequently feel worthless and hopeless. Daily chores might seem difficult to carry out due to lack of energy and one might find it impossible to concentrate on work. Despite loving family and friends one might find it hard to enjoy anything and want to withdraw oneself from the others.

The occurrence of depression is three times higher in females and in those aged 18 to 29 years than other groups. It affects our personal, professional and social lives. When treated early, it prevents a person from the unnecessary suffering that depression causes.

Take an assessment. In the last few weeks, have you been…

  1. Feeling bad about yourself most of the time
  2. Feeling tired easily or despite adequate rest
  3. Feeling pessimistic frequently
  4. Having little interest and pleasure in doing things
  5. Having thoughts of killing yourself
  6. Having difficulty in making decisions
  7. Having reduced appetite

If you have said yes to most of the above, we might be able to help you.