Adult Disorder

Substance Abuse Related Disorders

Drug Addiction

Just like repeated use of alcohol, repeated or continuous use of substances (drugs) which are addictive such as cannabis, opioids, sedatives, inhalants also need treatment. These substances not only lead to addiction but also cause mental and physical problems. Some...

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Alcohol Abuse

In today’s world, most people indulge in merry making. But the ‘drinking’ part of it sometimes can lead to a habitual and repeated use. When drinking becomes an essential activity for the sake of fun, relaxation or simple to unwind, one must check if others might be...

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Personality Issues

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Confidence and a positive self-image are the foundation of a healthy personality. However, too much self-importance and excessive need for admiration might be a problem. Narcissistic personality disorder is seen in those who exaggerate their achievements, talents and...

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

Persons who show a persistent disregard for the feelings and rights of others can be identified as having an antisocial personality. They also tend to lack moral values or conscience.They have shallow emotions and rarely engage in meaningful long-term relationships....

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is characterised by unstable feelings, sense of identity and mood. Their relationships also tend to be unstable ranging from extreme attraction to a decline in the intensity of such attraction over time. Thus, they may have multiple...

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Conversion And Related Disorders

Trance And Possession

This involves experiencing a condition where one is possessed by another entity such as a deity, spirit or demon. This condition is temporary since the person usually returns to his/her normal identity after sometime. During such a condition, the person tends to lose...

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Dissociative Convulsions

Conversion/Dissociative disorders can be of many types. Some common types are discussed here. This problem involves physical symptoms that have no apparent medical cause. Symptoms can range from fainting attacks, difficulty in speaking, deafness, blindnessabnormal...

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Mood Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Mood swings that are so extreme that they hamper the person’s personal, professional and social life could be due to Bipolar Disorder. One might find himself going through phases of sadness, low energy and pessimism on one hand but shift to states of high energy,...

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Depression is a common term which people use to express deep sadness. What also needs a mention here, is that, in Depression, sadness comes with a range of other problems. One might frequently feel worthless and hopeless. Daily chores might seem difficult to carry out...

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Anxiety Related Disorders

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

It’s a common thing to feel tensed and fearful in situations that we find threatening. But you might be suffering from a serious anxiety problem if your anxiety has been too difficult to handle and you could not do what you wanted to do because the tension took over...

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How many times have we told ourselves, ‘don’t panic’? Maybe several times. But, in reality, panic is a serious condition where one faces extremely high level of tension for no specific reason that occurs suddenly, peaks briefly and then subsides. Have you facedsome or...

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Are you terrified of something that does not seem scary to others? Do you try to avoid something just so that your fears don’t bother you? Commonly, phobias can include irrational fear of animals, insects, heights, public speaking and being in closes spaces such as...

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Often compulsion is associated with obsession. Compulsion can be recognised when you repeatedly do the same thing in a typical manner and find it difficult to stop yourself from this practise. You might be washing your hands over and over or checking you phone or...

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Do you find yourself forced to think about something again and again? The thoughts might be not what you want to think about and yet they repeatedly disturb you. You could be suffering from obsession if you find yourself having repeated thoughts or images which you...

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Relationship Problems

Sexual Issues

Human Sexuality has always been a burning topic ever since human beings appeared on Planet Earth. No other subject has ever drawn so much interest and attention till date.No other subject has had such profound impact on human life and society. Sexual compatibility is...

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Marital Conflict

Family is the source of support for most people. Harmonious relationships within the family promotes health and success in all family members. But when there are unresolved conflicts between couples, it can turn into a source of stress. Problems in family life most...

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Anger Problem

Anger is a primary emotion but too much of it is not helpful to us. Not only that, anger negatively affects our body. When controlling anger seems like a difficult task and we frequently find ourselves agitated, it is important to learn how to manage our feelings so...

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Eating Disorders

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is also a type of eating disorder, in which, a person tends to have an inconsistent pattern of eating. Sometimes the person over eats so much that it exceeds his/her normal amount (binge-eating) and at other times, the person tries to compensate his...

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Anorexia Nervosa

If you find yourself having a strong fear of becoming fat even though you are underweight or have a normal weight, this might signal a problem. Anorexia Nervosa isa type of eating disorder that involves disturbed eating patterns and negative thinking related to food....

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Schizophrenia And Related Disorders

Delusional Disorder

A delusion is a firm false belief that continues to exist despite evidence to the contrary. The belief can be regarding any usual aspect of the person’s life but is not believed by anyone else except him since it is not true. Examples may include, infidelity of...

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Schizophreniaa term which involves different clusters of symptoms. The person may go through symptoms like disorganised thinking,believing things that are clearly false and hearing or seeing things that other people cannot hear or see. Commonly, people suffering from...

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