Do you find yourself forced to think about something again and again? The thoughts might be not what you want to think about and yet they repeatedly disturb you. You could be suffering from obsession if you find yourself having repeated thoughts or images which you find unpleasant and discomforting. The thoughts or images might prevent you from concentrating on your work. You might find it necessary to stop the thoughts but the effort might not be successful most of the time.
Take an assessment:

Answer with yes or no.Have you been bothered by unpleasant thoughts or images that repeatedly enter your mind, such as…

  • Excessive concern with keeping things in perfect order?
  • Making mistakes which doing something?
  • Unwanted religious or sexual thoughts?
  • Concerns with dirt, germs, or bodily fluids (such as spit, sweat, urine, blood)

Have you worried a lot about terrible things happening, such as…

  • Losing something valuable?
  • Accident or something bad happening to your children/spouse/parents
  • Accidentally or purposely hurting self/family members/classmates

If you answer with yes to most of the above, you might want to get yourself checked.