We have a team of eminent psychiatrists from Kolkata, who specialise in treating and managing various psychiatric conditions prevalent today. Trained at renowned institutions in India and abroad, they are regularly invited to speak at national and international forums.


Counselling offers clear information about how to change if you want to. It offers straightforward guidance on how to make important changes, one step at a time and enables you to figure out how to stay on track. With proper counselling, you could make your whole life better.


The teaching wing that functions as the third vertical of Caring Minds offers both long term courses and short weekend workshops. Our courses are recognized by Jadavpur University and cover all psychology related subjects related to mental health.


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We conduct exhaustive workshops on various interesting and pertinent topics. The duration of these workshops...

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We conduct exhaustive workshops on various interesting and pertinent topics. The duration of these workshops range from 1-3 days. Most



Everyone is different
People don’t fit neatly into boxes
No single treatment formula will fit everyone.


I was suffering from OCD and came to know about Caring Minds from one of my relatives. I have been visiting Caring Minds since June ’18 and through counselling 80% of my problems have been solved.

Psychologists are very helpful for dealing with all types of issues. When I started, I didn’t know how much it could help me. With all the 8 sessions, I have started to enjoy my own company and made my life easier.

Everyone handles it, so can l.

Most importantly, I have realized that the anxiety I am facing is not out of ordinary.

I have learnt about common cognitive errors, how to identify and counter them. This will protect me from negative thoughts.

Mindfulness exercise can help me calm down in situations which cause me anxiety.

She is excellent. She supported me in bringing up my autistic 5year old son. She has given me ideas full of cooperation in all the 8 sessions. Thanks to Caring Minds.

My daughter was showing lack of self-confidence and volatile behaviour. Her sessions here, helped her to overcome her problems and regain her lost confidence.

She is so so knowledgeable and very passionate towards her work. She has patience and works on every minute thing. My son has changed a lot in the last one year.

    Mental Health is not the mere absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

    Your mind is your most valuable asset; it defines who you are, how you feel and how you live your life.

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