5 Signs -It’s Time to Seek Therapy

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Feeling sad, angry or otherwise “not yourself-

If you’re eating or sleeping more or less than usual, having extreme emotions or withdrawing yourself from family and friends, or just feeling “off,” – it’s time to talk.

Abusing drugs, alcohol, food or sex to cope-

If you are using drugs, alcohol, food habits or sexual habits as mediums to cope up with difficult situations. Then you know the alarm is ringing, you need to put it off.

You’ve lost someone or something important to you-

Have you lost a job or an old friend or a close relative? Did your Relationship break? If you find it hard to accept all these and feel the world has come to an end. Know that it’s time for new path or a new beginning.

Something traumatic has happened-

If you have a history of abuse, neglect or other trauma that you haven’t fully dealt with, or some other traumatic event and still feel it’s haunting you. Talk the earliest to someone, to learn healthy ways to cope.

You can’t do the things you like to do-

Have you stopped doing the activities you ordinarily enjoy? Stopped having fun or meeting new people. This is a red flag that something is amiss in your life.