5 Tips to Raise Your Child Nice and Not Like a Spoil Brat

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Treat your children kindly

If you have the habit of bossing your kids around all day like a drill sergeant you can expect that they may well do the same to others.

Be gentle

If you are continually smacking your kids when they do something wrong, they will learn that hitting is the way to force people into doing what you want.

Make sure the TV programs they watch show characters being kind

There are too many current programs that teach kids to be disrespectful. When they see a continual barrage of cartoon characters or real-life characters being rude to each other, they will automatically do the same.

Speak respectfully about others

Show them by your example that it’s unkind to say bad things about other people. If they hear you bad mouthing a neighbour or friend, they’ll pick up on it quickly and do the same.

Let them see you helping others

If someone falls, help him up. If your children aren’t there to see you do this, talk to them about what happened. Let them know how kind it is to help someone in need, and how good it makes you feel.