Head, New Initiatives

Preeyam pursued her Management Studies from the University of Nottingham and has done Executive courses on Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics, U.K. She has worked in illustrious institutions like Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers and is currently both President, Business Development at Patton Group and Director, Addlife Gym & Spa.

If Caring Minds’ aim is to make every person aware and empathetic about mental healthcare, Preeyam is the embodiment of this aim. She has adopted the organization’s vision into her personal mission. She believes, de-stigmatising mental healthcare and making it available to the masses will result in a happier and healthier society.

As Head – New Initiatives, she collaborates with other institutions and organizations in the health and wellness space creating for Caring Minds both an online and offline presence to offer holistic solutions. Besides that, Preeyam is a database of creative ideas, which lend colour, depth, beauty and uniqueness to the organization.

Her strategic vision for the future, includes expanding our horizons pan-India, such that the words ‘mental health’ translate to Caring Minds!