Bed Wetting/Enuresis

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Enuresis refers to repeated involuntary urination in inappropriate places (clothing, flor, etc.) that occurs after the chronological age when continence is expected (generally 5 years old) and that is not due to a substance (e.g., a diuretic) or to a general medical condition. Children who are above 5 years of age tend to have control over urination. If older children (above 5 years) wet their bed or wet themselves in places other than the bathroom, they might be suffering from enuresis. The instances must last for quite a few months before this is considered a problem. One or two incidences may occur even in normal children. For a diagnosis of this problem it is necessary that organic causes are ruled out. Enuresis may occur during the day (diurnal enuresis), night (nocturnal enuresis), or both and is frequently associated with delayed bladder development, poor toilet training, and stressful situations. This is often a source of anxiety and embarrassment for children.

Worried that your child might have Enuresis?

  1. Do you frequently receive complains from school of your child toileting in class?
  2. Do you have to frequently change your child’s clothes due to him/her wetting his/her pants?
  3. Does your child regularly resist the urge to use the toilet?
  4. Does your child cross his/her legs, squat, sit on a heel, etc. to prevent wetting?

Treatments, we provide that can help your child and you:

Behaviour Modification

Parental Counselling