Career issues

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Adolescence is a tricky period, without a proper guidance, the students might find themselves in a difficult position. High school and college are the times when students are looking to spread their wings and fly. They are discovering themselves and they find out that they are actually very different from what their parents or the society expect from them. A conflict between interests and choice of subjects often give rise to Career issues. In addition to that adolescents may also experience parental pressure with regard to their choice of career. This may often lead to episodes of Depression & lowered Self Confidence.

Worried about your future career?

  1. Do you worry about your future?
  2. Are you confused about what you want to pursue?
  3. Are you preoccupied with thoughts about your interests and how to accommodate them in your career goals?
  4. Do you want more clarity on what you want to do in life?

Treatments, we provide that can help you:

Career counselling

Stress Management

Family therapy

Psychometric Assessment