Diploma in Psychological Counselling, Recognised by JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone willing to explore him/herself and train under experts in the field to learn the tenets of counselling as a process.

Course Information

  • Duration:- One year, classes held thrice a week for 2 hrs each day
  • Classes will be conducted online through ZOOM
  • Registration fee :- Rs. 6000/-
  • Tuition fees:- Rs. 5000/- per month
  • For Registration contact +91 98042 46337
  • Admission going on.

Course Highlights

  • Centred around providing in-depth knowledge of Human Psychology
  • Special emphasis given on skills and techniques of Counselling
  • Interactive sessions, case discussions and role plays/ mock sessions
  • Practice – oriented course with project works
  • Introduction to diagnosis in Counselling
  • Study materials will be provided (soft copies)
  • Recognised by Jadavpur University.

Key Benefits

  • Generating self-awareness.
  • Better understanding of others.
  • Building the basic counselling skills of empathy, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard.
  • Personal growth.

Options for Payment

1. Pay cash/cheque (to CARING MINDS A UNIT OF PATTON FOUNDATION) at Caring Minds, 54A, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-700025. Contact no- +91 9836403766, 033-3544 0939 or mail us at info@caringminds.co.in 2. Online transfer (followed up email to info@caringminds.co.in with the transaction number) to Caring Minds, HDFC Bank, Current Account No. 50200050324370 (31, Chowringhee Road, Park Street, Kolkata- 700016) IFSC Code HDFC0000693 3. All payments made through paytm is subject to acceptance only when the sent money receipt copy is shared either through mail or Whatsapp to 9836403766.