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Encopresis is repeated defecation in inappropriate places (clothing, floor, etc.) that occurs after the age of 4 and is not due to a substance (e.g., a laxative) or to a general medical condition. Around about four years of age, most children learn that they must go to the bathroom for elimination. Sometimes despite learning where to eliminate, they accidentally eliminate (or pass faeces) in inappropriate places. When this takes place, the first step is to rule out organic/physiological causes. If there are no organic reasons, professional help must be sought. In the great majority of cases, encopresis develops as a result of chronic (long-standing) constipation. Encopresis may or may not be accompanied by constipation and is often associated with poor toilet training and stressful situations. This is often a source of anxiety and embarrassment for children.

Worried that your child might have Encopresis?

  1. Do you frequently receive complains from school of your child toileting in class?
  2. Do you have to frequently change your child’s clothes due to soiling?
  3. Does your child regularly resist the urge to use the toilet?
  4. Does your child experience painful / reduced bowel movements?

Treatments, we provide that can help your child and you:

Behaviour Modification

Parental Counselling