Fairy Tale workshop

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An interesting and informative one-day workshop on the Fairy Tale Test (FTT)was conducted by the creator of the test herself: Dr. Carina Coulacoglou on 25th January, 2017.
The Fairy Tale Test (FTT) is a projective personality test for children aged 6–12 years old. It is an innovative measure for children as its stimulus material consists of popular fairy tale protagonists known by most children worldwide. It allows the evaluation of personality as a whole as it assesses a large number of personality variables qualitatively and quantitatively. The FTT is published in twelve languages and has been standardized in many countries all over the world. It is currently under standardization in the USA and in seven countries in Latin America.
The day-long workshop covered the history and development of the FTT, administration of the test and analysis and interpretation.