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Your Child Is ‘A Child’ First

When you start looking at your child like other normal children only with some ‘more’ extra needs, life becomes more simpler & acceptable.

Gather As Many Facts You Can

Accurate information regarding your child needs will help you to avoid loopholes in his/her upbringing.

Get In Touch With Other Parents

Sometimes your struggle is more comprehendible by other likely parents than your own family members.

Find A Good Doctor/Therapist/Specialist

Regular appointments with specialists and therapists along with visits to a local paediatrician can help them perform better routine physicals and treat common illnesses.

Prioritize Communication

Children with Down syndrome love to communicate, much early than other kids. Help them develop the same.

Focus On His/Her Strength

Your child will face physical and developmental challenges, though they will also have a distinct personality and distinct strengths, try to focus on that.