Looking Beyond ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ – 25th February, 2020

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Doctors, educationists, psychologists, and professionals from multiple sectors participated enthusiastically in the interactive session ‘Management of Mental & Developmental Disorders’ – joint initiative by Caring Minds & the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Hon’ble Minister Dr Shashi Panja graced the occasion as the chief guest and Consul General (USA) Patti Hoffman was the guest of honour.

In her welcome address Minu Budhia said, “Sessions like these are essential to build a community that is equipped with education and awareness about the realities of people with mental and developmental disorders, and is able to look beyond an able-ist point of view to envision and develop new possibilities.”

The ICC Special Abilities Task Force is led by Chairperson Minu Budhia (Founder-Director Caring Minds, ICanFlyy & Café ICanFlyy) and expert committee members Dr Sudha Kaul, Ms Anu Puri, Ms Renu Saharia, Ms Sonu Mehmi, Ms Iona Kundu, and Ms Nilima Ghosh.