PREP, COGENT and Math Module Workshop

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A two-day workshop held on 2nd and 3rd April, 2017 on PASS ReadingEnhancement Program (PREP), Cognitive Enhancement Program (COGENT) and Math Module” developed by Dr. J.P. Das and conducted by Mrs. Pooja Jha Nair, a rehabilitation psychologist, PhD Scholar fromOsmania University and Master Trainer India for PREP, COGENT & Math module.
This was intended for practitioners and professionals whowish to bring an effective and sustainable change in the life of children with learningdifficulties. The program is based on the theory of PASS Model (Planning, Attention, Successiveand Simultaneous Processing) of intelligence modelled after Luria’s work.

About PREP:

PASS Reading Enhancement Program
The PASS Reading Enhancement Program (PREP) improves the information-processing
strategies, like attention and planning, that underlie reading, while avoiding the direct teaching of word-reading skills.


Cognitive Enhancement Training
Cognitive Enhancement Training is designed for the enhancement of cognition,
phonological awareness, and language of children aged 4 to 7 years with
normal and atypical developmental histories, limited exposure to literacy, mild
developmental delay, language impairment, at risk for developing dyslexia and other
learning difficulties.

About Math Module :

Math Module
Modules for Math is designed for children belonging to kindergarten to grade II. The aim
is to further develop and expand children’s innate mathematical capacity such as
differentiation of size and number, use of working memory, and problem-solving.