Relationship issues

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Being in a healthy relationship is a wonderful thing, but most people agree that maintaining a happy and healthy relationship requires hard work. There are many issues and circumstances that can cause a relationship to falter or even stall, leaving people hurt, unhappy, and miserable most of the time. During the teenage years, an individual goes through a set of physiological and emotional changes that can sometimes be difficult to handle. Hormonal changes are often associated with problems like irritability, rebellious attitude and impulsive behaviour which follow the phase of puberty and reduce during late adolescence. During this phase, one frequently faces confusion regarding what to do, what to be and whom to be with. Teenagers spend most of their time in their company of friends and pick up new behaviours from them. Sometimes, however, there might be a lack of understanding and fights which disturb the relationship. If the teenagers are matured enough to end the fight, it can strengthen their friendship; but more serious fights can lead to loss of friendship and consequent emotional turmoil.

Is my Teenager having some relationship issues?

  1. Does your teen refuse to go to school because of a major fight with peers a day before?
  2. Is he/she constantly arguing with you and other family members?
  3. Have you seen signs of jealousy in your teen for a fellow classmate or sibling?
  4. Is your teen unable to adjust with new people around?
  5. Does your teen want to mingle with only his choice of people?

Treatments, we provide that can help your child and you:

Family therapy

Interpersonal therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)