Remedial Education

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Remedial education is suited for students of average or high intellectual abilities who are struggling in school. Such students usually do not have intellectual challenges but face difficulties in core academic areas of reading, writing and mathematics. It is also suitable for children diagnosed with Specific Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Designed to provide students with individual attention via one-on-one sessions, remedial education not only helps students to learn the skills required to cope with their peers, but also helps build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Worried that your child may require Remedial Education?

  1. Does your child have trouble coping with their school work?
  2. Does your child consistently score low grades despite studying?
  3. Is your child a slow reader or makes unexpected errors when reading aloud?
  4. Does your child struggle in one area of studies, like reading, writing, or mathematics, performs well in the others?
  5. Does your child have difficulty staying focussed in class?
  6. Does your child find it hard to follow their class teacher’s pace?

Treatments that can help your child:

One-on-one Classes


Psychometric Assessment

Attention Training