Sex Therapy

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  1. Sex is one of the most private aspects of an individual’s life and problems in it are often hidden or ignored due to fear or embarrassment. No matter how hard one tries to fight it, it can’t be solved without the help of an expert.
  2. Sexual problems are common in the modern world and can have many causes including physical, psychological or situational reasons. One of the potential causes may be anxiety which may inhibit normal sexual arousal, resulting in dysfunction.
  3. Sex Therapy utilizes techniques to reduce anxiety such as progressive relaxation and systematic desensitization, resulting in enhanced sexual arousal.
  4. The goal of sex therapy is to improve sexual functioning, interpersonal relationships and correct wrong notions a person might have regarding sexual intercourse.
  5. It involves discussion about possible solutions and encourages individuals to work on difficulties in their relationship such as a poor communication or and being comfortable with self and partner’s bodies. This is carried out in a safe and private environment in the presence of a trained professional.