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The Somatoform Disorders are a group of conditions that involve physical symptoms and complaints suggesting the presence of a medical condition but without any evidence of physical pathology to account for them. In other words, they involved medically unexplained physical symptoms. They are also not intentionally faking symptoms or attempting to deceive others. For the most part, they genuinely and sometimes passionately believe something is terribly wrong with their bodies and so they frequently show up in the practices of primary-care physicians, who then have the difficult task of managing their complaints, which have no known medical basis.

Patients with somatic symptom and related disorders have usually been evaluated (perhaps many times) for physical illness. These evaluations often lead to testing and treatments that are expensive, time-consuming, ineffective, and sometimes dangerous. The result of such treatment may be only to reinforce the patients’ fearful belief in some non-existent medical illness.

Worried if you / your loved one have/has a Somatoform Disorder?

  1. Do you experience pain that is excessive or chronic?
  2. Do you experience changes in sensory or voluntary motor functioning, with no physical or physiological malfunctioning as its cause?
  3. Do you have chronic, multiple symptoms that seem to lack an adequate explanation?
  4. Do you have complaints that don’t improve, despite medical treatment that helps most patients?
  5. Are you excessively concerned with your health or bodily appearance?

If you have said yes to most of the above, we might be able to help you.

Treatments we provide that can help you:


Psychometric Assessment

Pharmacotherapy (medication), if required

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Relaxation Techniques

Family Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy