The Traveller’s Psyche

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“Not all who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

The travel and tourism industry has seen an extraordinary increase in interest in the past decade. More and more individuals are taking the risk of leaving the comfort of their homes behind to go out into the yonder and embrace new experiences. The psychology behind this can be interpreted in many ways.

One of the reasons maybe the fact that this fast paced digitalised life is difficult to sustain for long periods of time without taking breaks. The pressure on working professionals to perform and the fear of being replaced results in anxiety and a stressful work environment. Taking breaks and holidays are like replenishing fuel to the mind which comes back recharged to work again.

The other reasons for travelling are to explore new cultures, meet people from different places and generally to broaden ones’ horizons. The world is now a global community where news travels between people in the blink of an eye…thanks to social media. The intrigue and mystery that a lot of places held have now changed to allure and attraction. It is possible to get any information at the click of a mouse which has changed the whole concept of travelling and made it an easy process.

Customisation is another major reason why the travel bug has bitten so many. The sheer variety of options is endless. Just within India, one is spoiled for choice with deserts, beaches, forests, historical sites, majestic mountains and more. Also, one can customise their vacation according to their taste, preferences, budget etc. For example: a history-buff would choose their travel destination and design their holiday very differently from an adventure-junkie.

The bottom-line is that travelling has opened up a whole new vista for many who led mundane cloistered lives. A whole new world literally awaits those who venture out from their comfort zone.