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Stress Management

The level of stress is comparable as per the individuals’ affinity towards taking stress. Even slightest affair can give a stress to people . There are no universal situations to define which can give what level of stress to individuals . The mind set at times always help a person and his environment to go by managing his stress level , it also depends on how self analyzing factors are there and how far or to what extent the person is available to adapt new situations and stop taking irrelevant stress out of it rather there the solution can be to turn off the critical stressful situation , take a break for some time and then get back to the same in a proper way.

Facilitator: Sangita Sarkar

The various organizational stressors that lead towards heightening stress and stress reactions were discussed. The subjective nature of stress was discussed in context of the unique combination of Psychological, Behavioral and Physiological stress reaction that any individual experiences. The participants assessed their own dominant pattern of stress reactions and their level of stress – gaining an insight into the various consequences of the same.

Facilitator: Pompi Banerjee

The Delegates were instructed in effective methods of Stress Management. A demonstration on Relaxation Training was conducted at the workshop. This session was well received and taught the participants how to put into practice various skills they learnt on stress management.

Facilitator: Michelle Manuel