Workshop for Students

Dealing with Distractions

A heart-to-heart chat with students on their methods of dealing with the many numerous distractions that plague the youth and discussing the feasibility of their methods. Also, the workshop outlines the possible causes of distractions and psychologically sound ways to deal with them.

Goal Setting Skills & Career choices

College is the crucial time where setting goals and getting ready to embark upon a career is primary on the students’ mind. This workshop aims at discussing the factors to be taken into account when making a career choice and eliminating confusions if necessary. The participants of this workshop may also opt for the career counselling assessment.

Peer pressure & emotional well-being

In certain situations, saying no to a peer might indicate a loss of face or loss of esteem. Peer pressure has been known to have both positive and negative connotations. In this workshop both these sides are examined and a healthy discussion along with role plays are used to demonstrate the negative impact of peer pressure and how to break this cycle to restore emotional well-being.

Public Speaking Skills

Designed for those students who want to engage in a people-facing role and lack the confidence to face a crowd, this workshop is a crash course in public speaking. From tips and tricks to gain crowd attention to hand-holding techniques for those who have some degree of stage fright, this new age workshop covers it all.