Corporate Workshops

A Beginner’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is something that most of us aspire to. The stress of office spilling into home-life and taking over family-time or even your ‘me-time’ is not desirable. What are some of the simple things to remember that might save time and energy? How to prioritise and work towards family goals as zealously as work? All of this and much more in an interactive workshop.

Employee Motivation & Empowerment

People are not machines, they do not continue to work at the same level of efficiency every day of every year. Motivation has a huge role to play in employee performance. The theories of motivation are discussed and how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators work. Employee empowerment concepts are explained through interactions and role plays.

Managing Stress & Coping Mechanisms

Stress is perceived by each one of us. The workshop focusses on not just defining stress and identifying the stressors of the participants, but also introducing them to the concept of coping and sharing some strategies with them. The workshop allows participants to engage in group activities and self-reflection tasks to find the strategies best suited for them.

Anger & Trauma Management

This workshop is designed specially to arm you with the skills you need to maintain emotional control in your Professional and Personal Life. The focus is mainly on managing the negative emotional reactions of others without getting worked up yourself. Reactions such as anger, anxiety, guilt and shame tend to damage your personal and professional life. This workshop will help teach you how to avoid conflicts, reduce trauma and maintain harmonious relationships.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is the ability to put forth one’s point of view convincingly, with a positive attitude and confidence. Assertiveness helps a person toexpress his feelings openly, stand up for himself, his values and beliefs. Assertiveness is a crucial Art of Convincing and involves a considerable amount of effort & practice to develop the skill. Our workshop on Assertiveness training is designed for managers as well as employees at all levels of the organization who face difficulty in saying ‘No’; have communication problems and difficultyin delegating duties due to a lack of assertiveness.

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is the most important aspect in the organizational context. To run an organization successfully, positive motivation and reinforcement is an essential factor. Our workshop sensitizes the organization to understand and appreciate the need for motivation in building healthy employer- employee relationship. The workshop would guide the managers to develop effective strategies for maintaining employee motivation and congenial working environment.

This is not an exhaustive list of our workshops. We have many more exciting and useful topics to offer. The best part is that we customise the duration and content based on the needs of the organisation.