Workshop: Kolkata Police

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This Training Program was conducted for the Officers In-charge from the Police and Security Sector. The topics chosen included:

  1. Team Building
  2. Team Building

Team Building

Team building activities were a great way to help the delegates learn to effectively work with their co-workers. It allowed the officers to get involved in the activities, discuss relevant situations where building a team was necessary. Characteristics of different members in a team were discussed and their importance in the team was highlighted upon. Personality scale was used to understand the strengths of each member.

The following were the learning outcome.

  1. Teams are more important for organizational/business success. Individual success depends on teamwork.
  2. Teamwork is often inadequately defined and/or misunderstoo
  3. Difference between a team and a group. Difference between situational and transformational leadership. Effective teams are defined by their achievements and effective teams realize that good intentions, effort, and behaviors are only important when they contribute to team achievements.

Facilitator: Tanaya Chatterjee

Stress Management and its Effects on Performance at Work

This Training program was designed keeping in mind the various work stressors that employees from the Police and Security Sector endure in the form of Occupational Hazards. We used several team building exercises and trust exercises’ to warm up the session. The entire program was primarily activity based.

The delegates learned skills on the recognition of work stressors and learnt valuable tips on keeping work stressors in check.

These were also instructed on Relaxation techniques and various handouts and Standardized Tests were used to access the delegates stress levels and responses.

This Training Program was a grand success. We look forward to having a long association with the Kolkata Police hence forth.

Facilitator: Michelle Manuel