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Awareness is the key and information is the power that will help break stereotypes surrounding the capabilities of individuals with Autism. To this end, Caring Minds and the Yi Kolkata Chapter Accessibility vertical celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by hosting a panel discussion titled ‘Demystifying Autism’ on the 2nd of April, 2022 at the Caring Minds office.

Ms. Minu Budhia (Psychotherapist and Founder, Caring Minds), Ms. Megha Rathi (Clinical Psychologist), Ms. Mohini Ojha (Special Educator) and Ms. Aparna Ladha (Clinical Psychologist) gave riveting and thought provoking talks on autism. This was followed by a ‘Bollywood Mental Health’ Quiz, which saw eager participation from the audience.

The guests were also given a tour of the Caring Minds premises. To increase awareness about mental health issues, tests such as stress detection, anxiety detection, depression detection, and personality tests were made available to them.

We hope the audience found a lot to take away from the session!