Our Facilities

Guest Lounge

Are you a Page 3 celebrity or an eminent personality? Don’t want anyone to know that you are visiting the clinic but in real you do NEED support? Caring Minds houses a special Guest Lounge where confidentiality is maintained at all times. This room has a collapsible separator which secludes the person from the outside world, hence ensuring complete anonymity.

Play/Child Therapy Room

Caring Minds has a separate room designed to facilitate creative forms of therapy like play and art, keeping in mind the interests and needs of the child. This room consists of numerous puzzles, board games, lego blocks, paints etc to assist with therapy for both mainstream and special-needs children. Caring Minds houses unique games which are not available in India but are of great utility in Remedial education, such as a collection of:

  • Word Family Games by Lakeshore
  • Bingo for numbers, Words, Additions etc.
  • Flash Cards
  • Apple Tree for Number Values & many more all from USA.

AV Room

The sprawling 2000 sq. Ft Training Room can comfortably accommodate approximately 80 – 90 persons at one time. An In-house projector and sound system have been installed. This room serves a multipurpose as it is used for various in-house events: workshops, seminars and conferences. Recently, with the start of Caring Minds Akademia wing, this room is also utilized as a classroom for teaching the courses offered by Caring Minds.

Sensory Motor Room

Multi-Sensory room is specially designed for children which give them an opportunity to completely relax or access a wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning or fun.  This is used for specific work, such as a teaching tool for children with additional needs. Multi-Sensory Rooms and the equipment in them are designed to create a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere.

Wheel Chair Ramp

Caring Minds has a wheelchair ramp facility for the differently abled thus making the clinic convenient and easily accessible.

Client Consultation Rooms

Caring Minds is equipped with sufficient number of consultation rooms for dedicated & satisfactory Client Sessions.

Relaxation Room and Bio-Feedback Machine

Caring Minds has a special room set aside for persons who require unique forms of relaxation therapy. The counsellors at Caring Minds use processes such as Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation (JPMR) and Biofeedback to facilitate awareness of the various physiological functions with the aim of relieving stress and relaxing the mind. Caring Minds is one of the very few establishments’ in Kolkata that boasts of owning a Biofeedback machine – a treatment technique in which one can learn how to control their heart beats and pulse rates through gradual relaxation. This Biofeedback machine is a Mindaliveinc make and imported from USA.

Assistance for young children

Have a young child who you can’t leave at home while you come in for therapy? Caring Minds offers complimentary Child Care services while you are engaged in therapy. Bring your child along and leave your worries at home.


Caring Minds has a well stocked library with a great variety of books on various disciplines related to psychology such as Relationships, Disorders, Therapies, Motivation, Leadership, Self- Help books and so on. Some of the books are

  • A Friend’s and Relative’s Guide to supporting the family with Autism- Ann Palmer
  • REBT in a nutshell by Neenan and Dryden
  • Play Therapy by Virginia M. Axline & many more.

We also have a host of Training DVD’s for in-house use. One can browse through these resources while at the clinic ONLY.

Information & Learning Resources

Caring Minds has a variety of Mental Health Awareness cds that one can watch while waiting for therapy. We also have a whole range of take-away information pamphlets on the various disorders that one could study to psycho-educate themselves.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Room is an especially designed treatment room that minimizes the sensory overload that children may experience while receiving therapy.