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Child counselling is a specialized area of psychology focused on working with children who may have a mental health condition, have experienced a traumatic event, or are facing a difficult family situation. Children often deal with many of the same stressors that adults face. Meeting new people, learning new skills, facing school pressures, and trying to understand difficult situations like divorce and death are confusing and anxiety provoking for everyone. But children are often unequipped to comprehend the complexities of these situations, and might shut down, react aggressively, or become anxious at the prospect of facing them. Also, many children are unable to express the complexities of having emotional or mental problems, so counselling can be an excellent option to explore the causes of your child’s issues.

Child counsellors are specialists who can offer insight into the inner workings of your child’s development that are not necessarily visible to even those closest to the child. Child counselling addresses major issues in a child’s life with the primary goal of helping them understand their issues and teach them tools to deal with these issues more effectively.