Developmental Delay

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Children reach developmental milestones at their own pace. Minor, temporary delays are usually no cause for alarm, but an ongoing delay or multiple delays in reaching milestones can lead to issues later in life. A developmental delay can occur in just one area or in a few, as enlisted below. A global developmental delay is when kids have delays in at least two areas:

  1. Cognitive (or thinking) skills or the ability to think, learn and solve problems.
  2. Social and emotional skills or the ability to relate to other people.
  3. Speech and language skills or the ability to use and understand language.
  4. Fine and gross motor skills or the ability to use small muscles (fine motor), particularly in the hands, and large muscles (gross motor) in the body.
  5. Activities of daily living or the ability to handle everyday tasks.

Developmental delay may be caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, problems with pregnancy, and premature birth. The cause is not always known. Also, Developmental delay sometimes indicates an underlying condition that only doctors can diagnosis. Early detection and intervention are important to help your child develop skills.

 Worried that your child might be having a developmental delay?

  1. Does your child have delayed cognitive skills?
  2. Does your child have delayed language or speech?
  3. Does your child have delayed development of motor skills?
  4. Does your child have delayed social and emotional skills?
  5. Does your child have difficulty performing activities of daily living?

Treatments, we provide that can help your child and you:

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Speech Therapy

Multisensory Integration

Skill Training