Motivational Enhancement Therapy

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MET is a client-centered counselling method that focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence toward change. The main goal of MET is to evoke and strengthen a person’s intrinsic motivation to make positive changes in their life. It aims to increase an individual’s motivation and commitment to change certain behaviours. It is commonly used in the treatment of substance abuse, but it can also be applied to various other areas, such as health-related behaviours or personal goals.

MET typically involves a structured set of sessions, during which the therapist and the individual collaboratively work together to explore and clarify goals, assess the individual’s readiness to change, and identify potential barriers or challenges. MET consists of four carefully planned and individualized treatment sessions. The first two sessions focus on structured feedback from the initial assessment, future plans, and motivation for change. The final two sessions at the midpoint and end of treatment provide opportunities for the therapist to reinforce progress, encourage reassessment, and provide an objective perspective on the process of change.

Techniques of MET :
• Expressing empathy:
• Developing discrepancy
• Avoiding confrontation
• Rolling with resistance
• Supporting self-efficacy

MET aims to enhance motivation, resolve ambivalence, and increase the likelihood of successful behaviour change by empowering individuals to take ownership of their decisions and actions.