Substance Abuse

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Adolescence is a time of significant physical, psychological, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Teens tend to be more adventurous than adults, possibly increasing their willingness to take chances and engage in risky behaviours, such as drug use. However, drug and alcohol use during adolescence can be particularly risky and increase the risk for problems with attention, learning, and working memory, as well as increase the risk for future problems with substance abuse and addiction. Substance Abuse occurs frequently among adolescents and is often identified among teens who are experiencing interpersonal and family conflicts, difficulty at school; or failure, exposure to criminal activity, or predisposition to some psychiatric disorders.

Is my adolescent child a  victim of substance abuse?

  1. Has your child recently develop an interest of mixing with friends older than him?
  2. Have you started receiving complaints of long absenteeism from the school of your child without your knowledge?
  3. Is your Child eating more than usual?
  4. Is he/ she having tendencies to sleep at odd hours and that too a very deep sleep?
  5. Has your child started losing interest in his/ her most favourite pastime?

Treatments, we provide that can help your child and you:

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Stress management

Supportive Therapy



Family Therapy