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Caring Minds conducted a three day ‘Stress Management’ workshop for the CISF (armed forces para military) at its Kolkata headquarters.

There were 50 participants chosen from various departments as well as regions to attend this workshop. The platform that was provided to the CISF personnel facilitated sharing of information and grievances as well as providing social support amongst various levels of officers.

The three day workshop was broken up into different parts each addressing a vital and comprehensive sub topic under stress management facilitated by our clinical psychologists, Tanaya Chatterjee, Shuvabrata Poddar, Pompi Banerjee and Michelle Manuel as well as our HR trainer Sangeeta Sarkar. It was supervised by Preeyam Budhia, Head of Training and Development and co facilitated by Unnati Singhania, intern.

We greatly appreciated the group of officers and their openness to experience, candour and lack of rigidity in thinking. This workshop was a grand success due to their willingness to receive all the information and give their view point on the topics discussed freely and frankly. The workshop was a highly interactive session, consisting of role plays, mimicry and spoofs demonstrated by the enthusiastic participants. The use of audio visual media as well as creative ice breakers and practical activities enhanced its effectiveness. On the whole it was a fun filled learning experience for both the participants as well as the ALCM team. The success can be clearly measured in the feedback from the participants:

“It would be helpful in my practical life.” – U.K. Mandal

“It helped in changing my perspective of stress.” – AbhishekhYadav

Overall, the experience at CISF was truly a trainer’s delight. We look forward to a long lasting and meaningful relationship with this organization.